Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tattoo for Mary?

Yeah right! Like I would go thru all that pain. Really, really hate needles!!! Actually, I went to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire with a few co-workers and friends today. What a great day it was!
Although I goofed. I thought the gates opened at 10 am. Should have read my tickets, because the gates didn't open until 11 am. Oops!!! At least we got a great parking space ;-)
The costumes were amazing! Although there were a few that I won't be caught dead in. Let's just say - too much skin, not enough fabric... One of my co-workers fell in love with a wood nymph. I think she would have brought him home and put him in her garden if she could have!
As for my ink - it's really henna. That was a neat experience. Penny got one on her arm and mine is on my right leg, right above the ankle. The artist who did mine was fantastic. The henna is much darker before you rub it off, kind of a gun-metal grey. She put silver glitter all over it, so I guess you could say I was a sparkling personality today! (Insert groan here...)
We got to see a jousting match. The guys who were in it were quite good. Not to leave out that they had really sharp senses of humor. The younger one resembled Justin Timberlake, so the older one (who was the hero) had to quip that he was "bringing sexy back" - a reference to one of JT's songs. Alas, we had to feel sorry for the hero. It seems that when he picked a fair maiden out of the crowd to inspire his victory, she cried and ran to her mommy. sad.
When we were leaving, we decided to go to a pizza parlor in Andover that I have visited a few times. The Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor is quite amazing. It is actually part of an old covered bridge that was painstakingly reassembled in it's current location. We walked in to a very crowded establishment, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We went ahead and sat down at two tables that had yet to be cleared from their most recent inhabitants. The pizza was well worth the wait. Absolutely fabulous - possibly the best I have ever had! Maybe it was the wonderful company that I was in!
We arrived back home dusty from our travels, but holding onto many great memories of a few hours of sharing wonderful experiences. And, yes, we are planning on returning next year. Watch out Great Lakes Medieval Faire - we will be back!

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