Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Addiction

Really need help with this one! Recently a cupcake shop opened up in Franklin. It's called the Pink Champagne Cupcakery and they are soooooo incredible! I usually get the minis - trust me, they are enough. They are open Tuesday - Saturday. They have 5 flavors each day and change from day to day - except for Moody Vanilla, which has different colors of frosting according to the owner's mood. How cute is that?!?

Hope It Was A Typo!!!

I was at WalMart with Tina and Abbi recently. Saw these on the shelf. Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds - yummo!!! But I saw the price on the shelf...the box said $2, but the shelf said $48. So I figured I wasn't taking any chances and left them in the store!