Friday, February 18, 2011

Windy Day in Erie, PA

Spent part of the day in Erie with Tina. What an enjoyable time of shopping and eating (too much of both, of course)!
We started off at AC Moore for a bit of craft shopping. Always a dangerous thing for me! They had storage boxes on sale. I walked out with 7 new boxes - 5 for putting cards into and 2 for 12x12 paper storage. May get organized yet!
Had to go to Bath & Body Works. Running dangerously low on my favorite scent - Dark Kiss! Fortunately I checked my email before I left. The collections were buy 3, get 3 free for President's Day weekend. (They were buy 3, get 2 earlier in the week.) I'm stocked up now! Then I noticed the mini candles after I already checked out. Three for $5 - who could pass these up? They smell so good and are so adorable! And they had antibacterial gels for St. Patrick's Day. Grabbed some of those for a project we're doing at Tina's mini-stamp camp on March 1st. Can't wait!
Lunch time after that shopping. So we decided to go to Red Lobster. YUM!!! Shrimp scampi and sunset colada, non-alcoholic of course. Stuffed at this point. Guess we had better do some more shopping!
After eating too much, doesn't everybody head to the Jelly Belly store?!? Well, we did. Buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies - wow!!! Love those things! They had so many different flavors, it was hard to chose, but I did anyway. And if you need M&Ms, they have just about every color imaginable.
Michaels before Tina headed home. I was so good in there! I think that's the first time I have ever left that store for under $20. But I did get a few nice little goodies.
I had to stop at Target before heading home. (What would a trip to Erie be without going to Target?) I found the coveted mint M&Ms again. When I went out to my cousin, Janet's birthday party this past summer, I found these incredible M&Ms. Her daughter loved them! And I couldn't blame her, they are AWESOME! Three bags in the cart and rush to the door.
Decided to stop at the Christian bookstore in Meadville. Had been listening to a tobyMac (formerly of dc Talk) song on my mp3 player all day long and knew that I really should try to find the CD it came from. Who do you think they didn't have any CDs by in stock?!? So glad that WalMart had it! Also walked out with a bag of Reese's Easter eggs. Will have to hide those until Tina's stamp camp!

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