Friday, January 28, 2011

Primanti Bros!

pri-grovecity PBMenu

PBSand Dad has been talking about Primanti Brothers opening a Grove City location in front of the outlet mall ever since he spotted it going up Interstate 79 one day last fall.  So I decided that today would be a great day to go.

For those of you who don’t know – Primanti Brothers is a Pittsburgh institution and has been featured on a few shows on both the Travel Channel and Food Network.  They started in the Strip District in Pittsburgh.  (Not as bad as the name suggests – the Strip District is an area in Pittsburgh known for fresh food markets and excellent eating establishments!)  Anyway, earlier last century Primanti Bros was a popular eating place for the truck drivers who would bring in fresh food.  They made sandwiches for the everyday working Joe.  Fresh Italian bread, the meat of your choice, coleslaw and french fries all put together.

They have many choices of meat for your sandwich pleasure, as evidenced by picture #2 – imported sardines anyone?!?  Dad played it safe and chose the ham.  Myself, I went for the Pittsburgh classic – black angus sirloin steak.  Absolutely delicious!!!   Normally I don’t care for coleslaw, but their vinegar and not mayo base was so good!  Definately something I would try again.  But if you don’t feel brave enough to try Pittsburgh’s favorite tradition, they do have more than their sandwiches on the menu.  Might have to try their pizza next time!  And they were so nice, they seated us at a booth with a Troy Polamalu!  Good thing it wasn’t Big Ben, might have had to ask for a different seat!

So, who’s joining me for my next trip?

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